„Unmündigkeit ist das Unvermögen, sich seines Verstandes ohne Leitung (Manipulation) eines Anderen zu bedienen. Selbstverschuldet ist sie, sofern sie nicht in einem Mangel des Verstandes, sondern in einem Mangel des Mutes und der Entschlußkraft begründet ist, sich des Verstandes ohne Leitung eines Anderen zu bedienen.“ (Immanuel Kant, Kritik der praktischen Vernunft, 1783)

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Dienstag, den 21. September 2010 um 23:57 Uhr

(Quelle) When I went to Frankfurt for the 1974 World Cup, in those skinny hitch-hiker years, my buddy and I treated ourselves to a train-ride for the final leg of the journey, and shared a second-class compartment with a very urbane gent who conversed readily with us, despite my mere three years of High School German. 

We were both amazed when he told us he was a Turk, or at least of Turkish origin. His German was fluent, as were his Germanic tidiness and Germanic happiness to share the bottle of duty-free Scotch we’d bought on the Channel Ferry.
Can’t even recall his name now, but we tottered off the train in Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof together and he guided us in the right direction to find the Scotland/Brazil game that was on that night.

If every Turk who migrated to Deutschland shared his assimilated qualities, there’d be few problems of the sort that have got banker Thilo Sarrazin into such hot water.But I’ll let some clips explain that.
Today’s JP has German Chancellor Angela Merkel warning fellow-countrymen and women they ‘would have to get used to’ mosques sprouting across their large and lovely land.
Merkel rather shot her own democratic credential downs in flames with this diktat, and compounded her divorce from democratic practice by claiming that Germans had ‘for too long failed to grasp how immigration was changing their nation.’

Not so Geli! You’re the Chancellor. You have been active in politics since re-unification. You have had heaps of chances to alert Germany to the multi-cult malaise which is slowly destroying its national cohesion. You actually showed some glimmer of understanding their feelings a few years ago, 7/12/07, to be precise, when you were yourself scolded by upstart Islamists, remember?

BERLIN – A German Muslim group criticised Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday for suggesting that mosque minarets should not be higher than church steeples, saying it hoped this topic would not be used as a campaign issue. Merkel, a Lutheran pastor’s daughter who grew up in communist East Germany, told a congress of her conservative Christian Democrats that “we must take care that mosque cupolas are not built demonstratively higher than church steeples”. Mosque-building is a sensitive subject in Germany. Merkel’s fellow conservatives in Bavaria have been saying for months that minarets should not dwarf steeples. Local residents are up in arms about plans to build mosques in Berlin, Munich and Cologne. Bekir Alboga, spokesman for the Coordination Council of Muslims, an umbrella organisation for Muslims in Germany, said he was worried that mosques could become a campaign issue in state elections coming up in some parts of Germany. “We must be on guard against sparking artificial discussions for political purposes which have little connection with reality,” Alboga said in a statement…. ” Christians in Cologne do not want the city’s skyline — now dominated by one of the world’s largest cathedrals — to be altered by two tall minarets. (Bangladesh)

Can you believe it? A bunch of Ahmed-Come-Latelys, still, for the moment, a minority in Germany, has the nerve to tell off a Christian Democrat candidate for the Chancellor’s job what she may say in defence of the country’s established religion. Who the hell was Aboga to say what issue is artificial?
C’mon, Angela, you were long aware of the issue, of the threat to Germany’s customs and culture and character, and all you could manage was a peep about spires and minarets?

You have failed your country, by not organising a fight-back. And you’re absurd to pretend Germans have not grasped anything of the kind. You knew they had when you spoke of the minarets, didn’t you?
Fact is the average working stiff in Germany has known about and moaned about this unwanted, undemocratic and unwelcome transformation for as long as Ive been visiting there, which began when I wandered off on a high school vacation, a scrawny, beared whelp seeing Europe for the first time.

A chunk (with my emphases) from Australian Conservative site – extracted from Soeren Kern’s excellent article.
‘Germany Debates Muslim Immigration.’ September 15, 2010 at 5:00 am

A national debate is raging in Germany over Muslim immigration. The issue is drawing attention not only to Germany’s broken immigration system, which for many decades now has failed to integrate Germany’s Muslim population, but also to Germany’s demographic time bomb, which is significantly accelerating the pace of Muslim immigration.

The debate is also exposing deep rifts between Germany’s politically correct elites, who for years have tried to silence discussion about Muslim immigration, and vast numbers of ordinary Germans, who are becoming increasingly uneasy about the social changes that are transforming Germany, largely due to the presence of millions of non-integrated Muslims in the country.

The debate over Muslim immigration is being fuelled by an explosive new book titled “Germany Does Away With Itself.” The best-seller, authored by 65-year-old Thilo Sarrazin, a prominent German banker who is also a long-time member of the center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD), has broken Germany’s long-standing taboo on discussing the impact of Muslim immigration by highlighting painful truths about the current state of affairs.

Apprehension about the future explains why Sarrazin’s concerns over Muslim integration are resonating with the German population at large. (Sarrazin’s book has topped the bestseller list on bookseller Amazon’s German website since its publication in late August, and book tour dates are sold out across the country.) Polls show broad public support for Sarrazin’s anger that many Muslim immigrants shut themselves off from Germany, do not speak German and do not share the German and European worldview.

According to a recent survey conducted by TNS Emnid pollsters, around 20 percent of German voters would back a hypothetical political party led by Sarrazin. Another poll conducted by the mass-circulation Bild am Sonntag shows that 89 percent of those surveyed say Sarrazin’s arguments are convincing. “For them, Sarrazin is somebody who is finally saying what many are thinking,” according to Emnid.

Though Kern is writing in a conservative site, his recognition of the anti-German mentality among the country’s establishment is also acknowledged by the more honest commentators on the left, such as Sabine Beppler-Spahl, of the German magazine Novo Argumente, (13/9, from Spiked site)
‘Germany’s elite has avoided a serious debate on immigration for many years and has generally tried to keep the topic out of mainstream politics as much as possible. On the one hand, the idea that immigration should be strictly controlled and that the number of migrants allowed in should be based on the needs of the German economy has been presented as a necessary standpoint for a general consensus and a way of alleviating ‘normal people’s’ fears. On the other hand, a superficial celebration of ‘ethnic diversity’ has become an instrument for the betterment of society – a hallmark of a new and tolerant Germany.
Immigration has become a topic through which a well-situated layer of society could distinguish itself from the ‘man on the street’, and through which it could display its own superiority. But rather than supporting universal freedom of movement, being ‘pro-immigration’ and pro-multiculturalism in Germany today is like a lifestyle choice, a way of proving that you are culturally refined and cosmopolitan, unlike the supposedly uncultured, racist working classes.’

You can read the rest of both items on the original sites, 

During those long, hot, youthful summers in Berlin, I took time to find my way around town and my wanderings took me to Kreuzberg, where I actually resided briefly, in a flat occupied by Trotskyists (yes, the conversation over dinner did become lively!)
My lefty hostess ( in 1971) made a point of expressing her indignation about ‘the Turks’ – not due to ‘racism’ but to animosity against their religion. They were Muslim, ‘alvays at ze mosk,’ as she put it, in a rather fetching Colonel Klink accent.
But she added that many Turks had no time for the ‘moskies’ as I think she called them, and predicted there would be conflict soon.

Sure enough, nine years later there was a pitched battle between, not her and her red brigaders and the immigrants, but between Turks committed to supporting the mujahidin rebels fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan and laicised, marxist Turks who disagreed – violently!
The battle occurred at the Mevlana Mosque, a notorious Islamist HQ (an interesting historical footnote is that another, oldest, mosque in Berlin is avoided by most Turks due to its Ahmadiyah connections!)

Had I been there, I’d have tended to side with the anti-Soviets, of course, but the key issue was, and remains, that these people were re-enacting their domestic/cultural quarrels on German spoil.

There are now 3.5 million Turks, some second, even third, generation, and due to a foolish change of citizenship law in 2000
(opposed by sensible Germans Like Stoiber and Zeitlmann, whose CSU party, half-heartedly supported by the CDU, appealed over the heads of the ‘elite’ to the people. Germany makes no provision for direct democracy, but a petition was launched
‘The signature campaign commenced in January 1999, before the government had even introduced a bill, and accumulated over 3.5 million signatures in six weeks’ - Rights, Norms and Politics the Case of German Citizenship Reform, by J.D. Ingram and T. Triadafilophoulos)

Many have now got German passports. Yet they, many of them, live and think as Turks.

These Turks were never meant to settle permanently. The very word used to categorise them, gastarbeiter, guest-workers, shows that. It all began as a sensible plan to get needed work done, rebuilding Germany, and incidentally giving much-needed income to poor people from Anatolia. As they were not staying, why make them integrate? And if the Germans had tried to make them integrate, they’d have rejected it, for they too saw themselves not as German but as Turkish.
Trouble is, they now are ‘German,’ in law, but not in their hearts. They live side-by-side with their host nation, expect all the rights of citizenship, but, as recent reports revealed, too many nurture sympathies with enemies of the West.

Der Siegel magazine reported on 10/5/10 that at least six ‘German’ Islamists had been killed in the Afghan Frontier region
Pakistani soldiers in Waziristan are believed to have killed at least two German Islamist insurgents in the country…Security authorities in Germany believe that another member of a group of German Islamist insurgents in Pakistan has been killed. Officials wonder whether the deaths will be a deterrent for copycats or whether it will inspire others to sign up for jihad….In Berlin alone last September, in addition to Danny R. and his wife, two other young couples made their way to Waziristan. And in recent years, at least six militant Islamists from Germany are known to have died in the Hindu Kush mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Plain fact is, Germany is now crawling with Islamist vermin, as the next extract from Bloomberg news 31/8/10 reminds us.
”Nine years after the terrorist attacks on the U.S., Hamburg security services say Islamic extremists are once more recruiting in the city that was home to three of the Sept. 11 suicide pilots…Authorities in 2007 broke up a cell of Islamic extremists who prosecutors said had planned to bomb American targets in Germany. The “major problem” is caused by young Islamists traveling to Pakistan for training and then returning home to the West, often without making it to Afghanistan, said Anthony Cordesman, an analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. “It’s a significant counter-terrorism issue, not because the numbers are high but because they have the training and the motivation,” Cordesman said by telephone. “Germany has done reasonably well” in thwarting attacks, he said. “But this is an issue that isn’t going to go away.”

Well, that phrase again…’it isn’t going to go away…’ – that’s the truth.
The ‘elite,’ in Germany as in the rest of the West, a nest of vipers and a den of traitors, isn’t going to go away. It must be dethroned, denounced, and disowned by the German people.
Elite – the word used to mean the best, but now it means the worst,a self-serving traitorous left-lib oligarchy.

As for the issue, it would go away if they went away. Not the elites, although political (not physical!) liquidation would be no bad fate, but the unassimilated aliens. Deportation after revocation of citizenship would be the obvious solution.